Storhaugen cabin

Cozy log cabin in the mountain farming area Svartåsen. It comes with a rowing boat and access to fishing lake with net fishing. Four beds.

The cabin was built in 1987 and is located in nice and quiet surroundings in Svartåsen, 800 m.a.s.l. It is rented out during summer. It comes with a boat and access to a private fishing lake with net fishing. Great hiking terrain, and a good starting point for hunting and fishing trips in Vingelen. Great area for children.

The cabin contains a living room, kitchen and a bedroom with a bunk bed + two single beds. Cold water, wood stove, propane hobs and propane refrigerator are installed. Outdoor toilet. The cabin is accessible by car (toll road).

For more information or to order, go to Inatur’s website.

Vigdis Storhaug, tel. (+47) 415 72 857