Skiing activities

Vingelen is amoung the first places in Norway that gets snow in the winter.

In the winter, skiing is the natural way of getting about the fields. The snow arrives in the village early and lasts for a long time but in no way hinders the level of activity out and about.

Ski tracks are regularly prepared in the woods and the mountains. These are specifically placed to allow as much access as possible over the entire area. With skis to help you, you never know what exciting natural experiences awaits you, while the stable inland climate ensures perfect conditions right up until Easter!

If you wish, you can put on your skis or snow shoes directly outside your house, and walk straight up to the summit of Kletten (1039 m.a.s.l.) or Nonsvola (1085 m.a.s.l.).

On the web site you can check tracks run with track machines in the area. Early in the season (when little snow), and by cold below -20, tracks are run only by snowmobile.

Ski tracks in Vingelen:
Skihytta-Gruvvola (2.5 km), parking by Skihytta (=Ski cabin).
Sæteråsen: Nordvangen – Skihytta – Nystuvollen (15 km), starting and parking at Nordvangen or Skihytta.
Olabergrunden (7 km), starting and parking at Olaberget.
Åsan: Aashaugvollen to Volsvangen (6 km), starting and parking at Aashaugvollen.

A good starting point for skiing in Vingelen is Skihytta, which sometimes serves food to hungry skiers in winter. Check when the cabin is open on their website.

In Vingelen, if you have mountain skis, you can simply put on your skis outside the door and go straight up the mountain. Feel free to use ski skins!