Mountain cabin by Gjersjøen fishing pond.

The cabin is situated in the mountains by Gjersjøen, and just on the border of Forollhogna National Park. This makes for a fantastic starting point for hikes into the National Park, or reindeer hunting. If you wish to fish, you need to buy a fishing licence for Vingelen on fishspot.no in advance.

The cabin can accomodate 5 people, and has a kitchen area, living area and sleeping room, over a total space of 28 m2. There is no electricity or running water, only the simple necessities. Bring your own sleeping bag. The distance to the nearest road is about 4,5 km. this equals approximately an hours walk. There is an additional 8 km to the centre of Vingelen. 

For more information, please contact Vingelen Turist, phone (+47) 47 92 11 87, e-mail turist@vingelen.com

Online booking – Inatur

Both photos: Bjørnar Hansen