Cultural and historical Nature walk in Vingelen

This is a lovely nature walk with information boards about the nature, history and culture of Vingelen. On this walk you can both enjoy the scenery and gather new knowledge.

If a mountain hike doesn’t appeal, then how about a stroll between Vingelen’s sun-scorched wooden houses? Start your walk at Bunåva cafe and head on up towards Vingelsgaards Gjestgiveri (guesthouse). This will take you past several fine farmsteads, including Ousta and you can return to the centre via the museum and the church. The path follows gravel roads, suitable for everyone, and there are information boards along the way. The walk will take you about an hour and will give you an idea of the history and  daily life of Vingelen. 

Information about the Nature Walk (from brochure NB! In Norwegian)
Map of the Nature Walk (from brochure)

Foto: Ingrid Eide