Cabin rented with a boat by the great fishing pond Bjønntjønnan.

The cabin is situated in the mountains, 1000 meters above sea level, by Bjønntjønnan. Great fishing opportunities. Fishing licence for Vingelen must be bought in advance at

The cabin is a hunter lodge, with all the simple necessities and a total size of 40 m2. There are 5 beds in the cabin, but you will have to bring your own sleeping bags. There is a 3 km walk from the nearest road, and an additional 14 km to the centre of Vingelen. 

For more information, please contact Vingelen by e-mail or phone (+47) 47 92 11 87

Online booking – Inatur

Stemningsfull høstdag ved Bjønntjønnan. Foto: Vegard Gundersen
Balansekunst. Foto: Vegard Gundersen