Idyllic old mountain farm with lovely surroundings. Excellent hiking and skiing opportunities nearby.

At Nystuvollen you can find both a cabin and an annex to rent, it is for rent both in the summer and winter season. The cabin consists of a living room, a kitchen, a room for storage and one bedroom. In the cabin there is room for 5 people. In the annex there are also 5 beds so all in all 10 beds. It is electricity in both houses, and in summer it is water indoors. Dogs are allowed and there is an outhouse.

This place is a perfect base if you want to go hiking, hunting or just relax. You can go there by car in summer or if you want to visit during winter there are ski tracks just outside the cabin door.

Hosts: Stian Nystuen and Ingrid Martine Bjørken

For more information or booking, contact Stian by mobile (+47) 99 74 63 74, or email stiannystuen@hotmail.com