There was once a milkmaid who was going to make some cheese. The skimmed milk she was to use had been separated the day before, but the night had been warm and now the milk had turned sour. She wailed and complained but to no avail. At last, she decided to go ahead and try to make the cheese in any case so that the farmer's wife would not chide her. The resulting cheese was unlike anyone had tasted before. She mixed in soured cream and sprinkled a little sugar over and it was as good as a rich man's food. When the farmer's wife tasted it, she was so pleased and contented that the milkmaid was well paid and lived happily ever after. The cheese was named 'skjørost' or 'soured milk cheese' and is still eaten on the mountain farms today.

Whether or not this really is the origin of soured milk cheese, we're not sure but it's a good story! Typical farm food in Vingelen consists of soured milk cheese and soured cream with thin 'flatbread' accompanied by cured meats. Ask for local specialities such as 'lemse', 'pjalt', (both somewhere between a pancake and crispbread) and meat products like 'rull' (potted lamb) and 'surpølse' (a kind of sausage-shaped haggis). Much of the food in Vingelen is locally produced – even meat and cheese, from Vingelen Kjøtt and Eggen Gardsysteri respectively. Both of these are members of Rørosmat – an organisation of local food producerskey.

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