Cozy cottage yard for rent. Great starting point for trips, hunting and fishing!

The beautiful cottage yard Normannsmarka is reasonably undisturbed, but centrally located in Vingelen. It is a short way to fishing opportunities and a unique starting point for hunting and hiking terrain, summer and winter. Dogs are welcome! Normannsmarka is located approx. 4 km from Vingelen center in the direction of Olaberget, in Røslia.

The cabin yard consists of a main cabin, annex, “stabbur”, woodshed, hunting lodge (available on request), as well as a baking oven, greenhouse and gapahuk. A total of eight beds in the yard: Four in the main cabin (two in a rose-painted crown bed in the living room and two mattresses on the loft), two in the annex and two in the “stabbur”. The main cabin is well equipped and there is electricity and water. Here there is a shower, sauna and water closet. The kitchen has a coffee maker, microwave, waffle iron and small dishwasher, as well as a refrigerator and freezer.

Normannsmarka can be booked online: Read more about the cottage yard or book a stay via Inatur here.

Contact information:
Siri and Hans Morten Strømmevold
Tel +47 41 44 47 12 / +47 92 21 19 87